A tool for collaborative, dynamic field recording, AudioMobile allows users to record the sounds around them, attaching a photograph and GPS coordinates to the file. These elements can then be uploaded to an online sound map and shared with others in a variety of ways.

Files can be saved, edited and played back on the app. They can also be viewed on a map and can be adjusted in terms of location to correct GPS variance. To share the recordings, users upload them to the AudioMobile website (http://audio-mobile.org) as ogg vorbis files that are plotted onto a Google Map. The files can be tagged either public or private in terms of who can access or download them.

One of the most important innovations featured in AudioMobile is the ability to make 'dynamic' recordings resulting in sound files with multiple GPS tags - i.e., moving recordings or paths. These files will appear on the map as lines instead of points.

AudioMobile will appeal to field-recording enthusiasts, musicians, sound artists, journalists, travellers, soundmappers and oral historians. It is linked to a research-creation project based at Concordia University, Montreal Canada entitled “Sonic Zoom” and led by Communication Studies professor Owen Chapman.

For more information about Audio-Mobile, please contact us at owen.chapman@concordia.ca

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